You’re in a burning house. And if I’m in a burning house, I’m not stopping to pop popcorn before I get out.

Steve LaFrance on delaying becoming a Christian

Every writer I know has trouble writing.

Joseph Heller (via kacidiane)

You want to say all men are dogs? Fine - but I have yet to see a dog that cannot be trained.

"it's all about the journey, right?" nope. beans.

  • me: i don't know that my journey would count for a hill of beans if i wasn't about to get my diploma
  • JoPo: It wouldn't.
  • me: minus, you know, becoming a christian
  • JoPo: Right. That's like two hills of beans, though.
  • me: i can't.
  • JoPo: Beans are valuable!
  • me: i think i'm gonna try to get some of it done.
  • magnolia: i don't think you should try. i think you should do.

you’re not the boss. you want to start at the top, but the paper don’t want you to start there. just let go, and do what it tells you.

arica l. coleman, on writing

Success is the difference between genius and insanity.

Meg Weakley
pretty convicting for me, actually.

A woman marries a man thinking he will change, and he never does. A man marries a woman thinking she will never change, and she always does.

my dad