welcome to my locbox! 

i started experimenting with styling my own 8 yr old locs about a year and a half ago and am really getting into it, so this blog is mostly focused on that endeavor. to that end, i typically publish one locs-related post each day, and something original on Saturdays. i welcome questions or comments - but please be sure to check out my faq page to see if your question has already been answered! 

i also have a personal tumblr where you can expect to see other topics close to my heart, such as:

-God, faith, hope, love, wisdom, the Bible

-Writing, reading, creativity

-Music, singing, songwriting, The Sing-off, Pentatonix

-Intellectualism, politics, nerdiness, humor

-Style, natural hair, blackness

-Avatar the Last Airbender (the SHOW), Legend of Korra

CLASSIC TUMBLR DISCLAIMER: things created by me (ex. pictures of myself, graphics I have made, conversations i have had or pieces i have written) will be tagged “julez original” and featured on the made by me page. things i’ve found myself IRL will be tagged “julez columbus”. i don’t claim to own anything else posted here. if you think i’ve failed to properly credit something, let me know and i will fix it ASAP!